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Customer support specialist with English

Компанія: ПП
Контактна особа: Відділ кадрів
Місто (регіон): Львів

Основна інформація:

Runway SIA was established in 2004
by a group of Norwegian
investors with wide business experiences from the Nordic and Baltic area. Now Runway is a leading provider of outsourcing services to Scandinavian and European companies. We have clients in tourism, technology, IT and finance
of our employees recommend Runway to their friends
We are constantly improving work conditions for our employees and now in Lviv we have > 55
If you are interested not only in the day shifts, but also in evening shifts and night shifts, then this position is exactly for you, as we provide support for both: American and European market and now we are hiring a new group for the evening training.
About Runway:
We offer YOU:

Training and experience with one of the leading airline company in Europe
Job in an international, young and inspiring environment
Safe and caring employer with a lot of experience in the field
Competitive salary, connected to Euro

Official registration according to Ukrainian legislation
(trudova) from day one
Paid vacation and sick leave according to Ukrainian legislation
Career opportunities
Highly developed Bonus System

Opportunity to become an important part of our big Runway family
Modern office in the Business Center
Free medical insurance after being 1 year with the company
Happy Friday snacks and treats for our employees each Friday

Main requirements:

English, both written and oral, min. level - B2
Customer service skills
Communication skills (Good listening and responding skills)
Ability to obtain, verify, evaluate work assignments and provide necessary information for clients
Good time management skills and ability to prioritize
Ability to react on stressful situation
Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications; general hardware and software knowledge
Multi-tasking skills (actively listening to customer questions, answering questions, registering issue and finding solution at the same time)
Previous working experience with airlines/ticketing is a plus
Knowledge of Amadeus
booking system is a plus
Possibility to work day and night shifts


Runway will provide each employee 80 hourstraining
in order to be able:
To be familiar and follow Client's internal rules
Navigate through and use Client's and Runway support tools
Ensure communication skills

Currently Runway is experiencing strong growth and demand for its services. We have offices in Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Ukraine with approximately 600 employees who work every day on our main objective: to optimize contact between our clients and their customers.


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