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Дане резюме втратило актуальність 01 Вересня 2020 р.
Дані наведені виключно в ознайомлювальних цілях. Контактна інформація прихована та допоміжні функції вимкнені


Marketing & Social Media Manager

за домовленістю

Контактна особа: Александра
Місто (регіон): Львів

Основна інформація:

Marketing & Social Media Manager
(employment agency)
Salary of 250-500 $ plus a bonus
Workplace: remote work

Job Summary
You will be part of a small international team resposible for Europe market. The main purpose of this role is to coordinate and assist with the marketing activities of our client business that includes: advertising, direct mailing, customer events, trade shows, social media, marketing collaterals, and website management. Supports projects as well as initiatives to ensure the overall growth and branding strategy. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

Key Areas of Responsibility & Duties
- Responsible for digital communications including website content, videos, newsletter and blogs.
- Execute daily tasks of social media strategy across identified digital platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs etc.) including publishing content.
- Develop and refine a digital marketing strategy to achieve marketing objectives.
- Strategically monitor & report on relevant social media, and suggest additions and improvements.
- Handle all SEO related tasks and liaise with web/content developers.
- Support event planning, advertising, and execution.
- Maintain a consolidated mailing database, and develop and execute mass mailings.
- Help create tools (presentation, brochure, project references, etc.) for sales team.
- Assist with developing and executing marketing strategy that complements sales and business objectives and develop relevant marketing campaigns to fulfill the goals of the marketing plan.
- Help plan and manage launch campaigns for new products.
- Help coordinate seminars and trade shows, including budgeting, organization, creating and mailing invitations.

Knowledge, Experience & Qualifications
- 3+ years of experience in multinational environment and similar role.
- Experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media.
- Experience in the industry of marketing
- Fluent English is a must.
- Proficiency in Russian, will be an advantage.
- Experience working in a flexible, employee empowered work environment, along with strong computer skills including MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) required.
- Exemplary verbal and written communication skills and the ability to easily adapt to new challenges in a growing organization.
- Actively participate in relevant corporate programs/initiatives, complies with professional and quality standards, complies with corporate policies and procedures, and acts in a manner consistent with our client values and ethical standards.

Applications on e-mail, CV will be taken only with a photo


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