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Product manager

за домовленістю

Компанія: Gameloft
Контактна особа: Ivanka Chipak
Місто (регіон): Львів

Основна інформація:

The Product Manager
works collaboratively with Producers, System Designers, Live Operations Managers & Data Scientists to define the monetization strategy of his/her games and aims to boost KPIs related to engagement & monetization on a worldwide level.
Your main challenges will include:
- Collaborate with all game stakeholders (Designers, Producers, Marketing) to define the game’s strategy and long-term vision
- Champion the Live Operation strategy related to content, targeting, promotions, update releases and in-game events to maximize the game’s potential
- Provide clear recommendations from market research, benchmarks and game data to define, prioritize and continuously improve features
- Be responsible for forecasting, measuring performance against targets and reporting to stakeholders on a regular basis
- Propose AB tests, ensure their correct implementation and present key findings
- Be the expert on market trends & industry best practices, and share these across teams

- At least 2 years of experience in Games/Online/Consulting, preferably in product oriented roles
- Excellent analytical & data modelling skills; and full proficiency of Excel/PowerPoint
- Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Economics or a related field; Master is a plus
- Proven experience in optimizing metrics and revenue on a product or service
- Complete fluency in English, both written and orally

Bonus Points
- Experience working on a live game operated as a service
- Game design or game creation skills
- Basic knowledge of programming languages is an asset (SQL, Python, R, etc.)

- Passion for games on any platform!
- Result-driven and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
- Able to think on your feet and highly organized
- At ease analyzing large data sets & providing actionable insights
- Strong interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills with a multidisciplinary team
- Combine creative thinking with clear data-driven decisions

We offer:
- Possibility to work in a global product company with talented people
- Competitive salary according to the qualifications
- 21-day paid vacation, 5 days paid sick leave
- Relocation package
- Free English courses
- Regular corporate events and team buildings
- Lunch compensation
- Gym compensation.


Ivanka Chipak
e-mail: не вказано

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